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Paradise School Counseling Program

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Hello! Welcome to the Paradise Elementary School Counseling page!

The mission of the Pequea Valley School Counseling Department is to collaborate with learners, staff, families, business/community, and postsecondary stakeholders to challenge all learners to reach their full potential in present and future endeavors. We will promote a safe and equitable learning environment where every learner counts, in order to assist them with their academic, career, and social/emotional development.
I’ll be helping your learners navigate through elementary school so they can be prepared for middle school and beyond. I’ll do classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, and some individual counseling. I’m willing to meet with any learner and help them figure out their strengths and accomplish their goals. 
My classroom guidance lessons may focus on character development topics, such as respect, honesty, and fairness. Or the lessons may help your learners develop skills such as making friends, getting organized, and understanding emotions. I'll also use the lessons to help your learners begin to explore the world of careers - my goal is simply to help them become more aware of the various opportunities.
Parents/guardians and learning facilitators can refer a learner to meet with me – or a learner can choose to come on their own. I'm in the building to be a resource for you and your learners during a time of need, but I also love to hear about the good things going on in your lives!