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Classroom Lesson Content Plan

Bitmoji in front of chalkboard that says %22See you in class%22
I frequently go into our classrooms to teach lessons on social emotional and career awareness topics. I will post information about the lessons on ClassDojo.

If you are interested in seeing the plan for the year, please click the link below.  Keep in mind that plans can change.  If I am absent or an emergency arises, I always try to reschedule lessons.

Classroom Lesson Content Plan (updated 10/16/23)

For social emotional content, we use the Second Step Digital curriculum.  Those lessons are numbered, but we don't always have time to do every lesson. That's why you may notice that some grade levels "skip" lessons.

For career awareness lessons, we mostly use Xello.  Each lesson is associated with a Career Education and Work standard, which is the number you will see next to it.  If you are interested in a parent/guardian account for Xello, please reach out to me with an email so I can set that up.

Our kindergarteners also have access to pretend play clothes and tools so they can learn while playing.