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Lunch With Your Child

We have had requests at Paradise Elementary for parents/ guardians to come in and have lunch with their child during their child’s assigned lunch time. We would like to allow eating with your child as an option, while also maintaining the safety of all learners and staff in our building. Below are the expectations that we have for parents/ guardians that choose to participate in this opportunity.

Parent/ Guardian Expectations:

Parent/ Guardian:

  • will call Paradise office (717-768-5560) prior to 10:00am on the day of the desired lunch meeting to verify lunch time and that we are not following a special schedule.
  • will either buy a lunch from our cafeteria or pack a lunch similar to a lunch packed daily (no fast food).
    • If buying from our cafeteria – please let the Paradise office know your choice when you call (Cost $4.25; drink options: milk, bottled water, or iced tea).
  • will bring their state issued driver’s license or proof of identification on the day of their lunch meeting to scan into our Visitor Management System and have a visitor badge printed.
  • may join their child for lunch one time during a trimester and not before October 1st.
  • will sit at a designated table with their child separate from the class and agree not to share food with other children (we have children with food allergies).
  • may join their child during lunch only (no recess).

We encourage having parents and guardians in our building. We wanted to share our plan so that we can ensure and continue to prioritize the safety of all Paradise Elementary learners and staff.

We Are Paradise Proud!

Rick Esche

Paradise Elementary School

Initial 10/14/22 (RE)